So, I had a blog of my own written in good ol' Notepad with HTML in the Internet 1.0 era, complete with my own onMouseOver Javascript events and a lot of use of frames. It was a pre-data driven Internet, and I didn't really have a presence like I do now.

I had also never heard the acronym JTAC before, had never jumped out of a plane, had no idea I'd ever be a Dad, and I understood absolutely nothing about leadership or management. A lot has changed in twenty years.

This blog is a place for my personal musings and a link repository to a bunch of other projects. I'm writing a lot about Military Theory over at and writing about food at - where about half of my fitness journey is chronicled. The rest will be right here. Well, here, and in a bunch of Instagram posts.

I have no idea how often I'll update this. I wrote the cross-posting code to LinkedIn (why?!?) and to Twitter (for my whole three followers!), but Facebook's privacy settings mean I have to manually hang all of these on my own timeline (I do have the ability to auto-populate a page I made, but it's empty for the foreseeable future on purpose.)

I do expect I'll post all sorts of weirdness on here. I've got screenplays I've written, I've got two amazing little boys, an outstanding wife, and a wild job, so there's usually something fun to talk about.